General Construction Company in the Principality of Monaco since 1999



• Interior paint : gloss paint, matte or satin paint, paint or film coated finish, biofilm paint, decorative paint , velvet painting, varnish,…
• Facade paint : restoration of old buildings, pickling cleaning of walls, Horizontal roofing (balcony, terrasse, bleachers/stands), anti graffiti varnish, graffiti cover up paint


Creation and layout of bathrooms, sanitary installation and repair, change valves, repair leaks, installation of water softeners, heaters, installation of Thermodynamic water heater, installation and repair of boilers (condensing, oil, and gaz), installation of air/water and air/air heat pump, installation of woodstoves, implementation of floor heating


Interior and exterior joinery including windows, stairs, garage doors, balustrades, shutters… In addition to wood, pvc, aluminium, and steel carpentry is also available

Small Project

Renovations, strip downs, scrapings, painting, coatings, flooring (marble, tile, wood flooring, …) sanding, electrical and low voltage installation, supply and installation of electrical appliances hardware, filling niches, cleaning joints, Installation of false ceiling, supply and installation of doors, demolition, waterproofing, subgrade, manufacture and implementing curtain facade, glazing, roofing, construction frame replacement, high pressure cleaning, crack and joint treatment, printing and acrylic coating.

Big Project

Installation of construction/building site, stripping courses, frames, foundations, bearing walls, structures, floors, demolition, trench construction, concrete walls, partition system, enlargements, pools, manufacture and installation of steel staircase, screeds, insulation renovation, …

Respecting the environment

Advocating high environmental quality, our company is committed to fulfill all its projects respecting the environment, by sorting our waste during demolition phases and recycling, or educating our customers on the use of renewable energies such as solar panels. The purpose being to reduce our environmental footprint.